Appetizers Menu


Tee it up with some Appetizers!

French Fries$4.95
A huge mound of fries, deliciously seasoned.
Cactus Cut Fries$5.95
Spicy potato chip style fries
Sweet Potato Fries$5.95
Great tasting fries served with a blend of bbq sauce and ranch dressing on the side for dipping
Mozza Sticks$9.95
Breaded, deep-fried and delicious served with marinara sauce!
Italian Cheese Ravioli$8.50
Ricotta cheese-filled ravioli coated in a crunchy delicious Italian breading.
Bucket of Birdies (Chicken Wings)$9.95
Welcome to Wings World! Enjoy our delicious new wings with your choice of 20+ new  flavours! See our feature sheet for choices.
Bucket of Boneless Ribs$9.95
Lightly breaded and delicately seasoned pork ribs!
Bucket of Jalapeno-Popcorn Shrimp$8.95
 Breaded zesty shrimp served with choice of dip
Bucket of Pizza Stix$8.95
Pepperoni, mozzarella, & tangy tomato sauce
Breaded Pickle Spears$8.50
Dipping: your choice of chipotle sauce and sour cream for a spicy kick or honey dill for a sweet treat.
 Mac & Cheese Wedges $8.50
The classic, with an all new taste experience.


Cinnamon Buns$2.95
Try one of our “cinn-full” home-made buns!
Toast  $2.95
White or brown, served with jam, peanut butter, or honey.
 Potato Chips  $1.50
 Fresh “Pringles in the Can”. Assorted flavours 
Chocolate Bars  $1.50
Several leading brands to choose from.
Your choice of 3 flavours…salted, honey roasted, or BBQ.




Hot Dog Platter$6.95
Juicy hot dog served with French fries.
Smokie Platter $7.95
Mouth-watering Bavarian smokie on a bun, served with French fries.
Hamburger Platter $9.25
Delicately seasoned and grilled to perfection, our tasty 4.75 ounce burger is served on a fresh toasted focaccia bun with tomato, lettuce and onion. Served with french fries.
Add $0.95 and smother it in cheese!
Pulled Pork Platter$11.95
Cooked all day at a low temperature, lightly seasoned and delicately sauced, our pulled pork is “mouth-watering”, fall-apart goodness guaranteed to put a smile on your face. A pile of pork served open-faced on a toasted focaccia bun, served with fries.
Boneless Ribs$11.95
Lightly breaded seasoned boneless pork. Served with fries.
Chicken Strips $11.95
Breaded and seasoned chicken strips, served with fries.
Wings Platter$11.95
 Served with fries. Enjoy our delicious new wings with your choice of 20+ new flavours! See our feature sheet for choices
Fish & Chips$11.95
Delicious pub-style battered cod served with fries
Substitute Cactus Fries or Sweet Potato fries or fresh vegetables for French fries in any of the above selections.$1.00
Nacho Platter$14.95
A heaping platter of Nacho chips and melted cheese, and piled high with green peppers, white onions, fresh tomatoes, and jalapenos…with sides of salsa and sour cream. Add bites of chicken for only $2.00 more.
Mixed Platters
Served with French fries. Choose from the following:

  • boneless ribs
  • mozza stix
  • onion rings
  • chicken strips
  • pizza stix
  • mushrooms
  • mac & cheese wedges
  • wings
  • popcorn shrimp
  • ravioli
  • pickled spears
Small … your choice of 2 selections$19.95
Medium… your choice of 3 selection$29.75
Large … your choice of 4 selections$39.50

Bar Menu


House Brand Bar Shots$5.17
Alberta’s Premium Rye, Pinnacle Vodka, Bacardi Rums, Gordon’s Gin, Ballantine’s Scotch
Premium Bar Shots $5.17+
Ketel One, Jack Daniels, Crown Royal, Southern Comfort, Appleton Estate, C.C. Classics, Hornito’s, Glenfiddich, Hendricks, Captain Morgan
Domestic Beer $5.17
Coors Light, Canadian, Pilsner, Kokanee, Bud Light, Budweiser, GW Pilsner,
Bucket o’ Domestic Beer (5)$24.56
Premium Beer $5.61
Corona, MGD, Traditional Ale , Cracked Canoe, Canadian 67
Bucket of Premiums (5)$26.65
Draft 20oz Glass$6.04
Alexander Keith’s, Big Rock Grasshopper, Coors Banquet, Great Western Original 16
Pitcher of Draft$16.91
Wine (glass)$6.74
White: Pellar Estates Chardonnay, Peller Estates Pinot Grigio, Jackson Triggs Chardonnay, Barefoot Cellars Chardonnay.

Red: Pellar Estates Shiraz, Pellar Estates Cabernet Merlot, Copper Moon Cabernet Sauvignon, Copper Moon Merlot, Barefoot Cellars Merlot.


Other Drinks

Regular Pop (16 oz.)$2.38
Super Pop (32 oz.)$3.09
Coffee & Tea (Regular or “Decaf”) $3.10
Hot Chocolate $3.10
Bottled Water (“Dasani”) $2.86
Monster (Energy Drink) $2.86
Juice (Apple, Orange, or 5-Alive) $2.86
Iced Tea (Bottled Nestea or Green Tea)$2.86



“Happy Hour”

Monday to Friday 2:00PM – 5:00PM (excl.Holidays)
Bottled Beer$4.30
Bar Shot $4.30
Draft 20oz Glass $5.15
Draft Pitcher$15.00

Group Food Packages


Food Package (optional) for GROUPS are available for $9.95/person + GST

“Hot Platters” … mounds of Fries, a selection of delicious finger foods, and assorted desserts.

(All food orders must be placed and paid for 10 days in advance of the golf date)

Taxes are not included in above prices.
Selections and pricing subject to change.